EXAM - the electronic examination system


Karelia University of Applied Sciences uses EXAM – the electronic examination system. The aim of the electronic examination system is to increase flexibility in taking course exams, enhance the quality of studies as well as advance graduation. Taking exams in the electronic exam room may decrease anxiety related to exams.

The EXAM-room is located in E226, next to the Tikkarinne campus library. The electronic examination system is gradually introduced during the spring 2019.

Use of the Exam-room for electronic exams during the coronavirus pandemic:

The main entrance door of Tikkarinne campus, E-building, is open from Monday to Friday at 10.00 – 14.00.

EXAM Tenttitupa is open till 18th of June (10.00 – 15.00). During summer Tenttitupa is closed (from 19th of June to August). EXAM Tenttitupa will be opened in August. The exact day will be informed on this page.

The last exam of the day always ends at 15.00 and the one taking the exam needs to exit the building immediately after the exam.

There are hand sanitizers available in the room. Every person entering and exiting the Exam-room must use the hand sanitizer.

Computers in the Exam-room will be cleaned after every use. For this reason, there will be members of staff moving around in the Exam-room.

Follow the guidelines for coughing by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare! Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable handkerchief when coughing or sneezing. Immediately put the used handkerchief in the rubbish bin. If you do not have a handkerchief, cough or sneeze onto the upper part of the sleeve, not into your hands, as the virus may be spread onto the keyboard or onto the mouse from your hands. There are handkerchiefs available in the Exam-room next to the hand sanitizer bottles.

It is forbidden to enter campus premises if you are sick! 
If you become sick, cancel your exam in the EXAM-system.

What is EXAM?

EXAM is an electronic examination system in which exams are taken electronically. There are ten computers in the room, which do not have access to the internet. Use of USB-sticks, CDROMs and proofreading is blocked. The EXAM-room is supervised by real time and recording video surveillance as well as random checks. EXAM enables the students to take course exams and maturity exams electronically. Teachers define which exams can be taken electronically. In addition, the teachers define the time constraints of their exams. An exam that will require books, the internet or drafting paper cannot be taken in EXAM.

How to register?

During his/her first registration, the student must accept The Karelia EXAM Terms of Use. The registration for the exam prepared by the teacher takes place at https://exam.karelia.fi/ . Do not use IE browser.

You can also register by using your mobile phone:

exam mobile

After registration, the student chooses the suitable time for the exam. A confirmation message is sent to the student’s e‐mail with the information about the exam time and computer reserved for the student. The exams start always on the hour and the student can enter the room five (5) minutes before and 10 minutes past the starting time. The room is available during the opening hours of the campus Mon-Fri 8-20 and at weekends in the future.

The main entrance door of Tikkarinne Campus, E-building is open:

Mon 7.00 – 6.00 pm Tue - Fri 7.00 – 5.00 pm. During other times, an access badge is needed.

If your electronic exam starts during a time when the campus doors are closed, request an access badge in time. An access badge can be received from the info desk attendants against 30 EUR deposit. If your entrance causes an alarm and a security guard arrives, you must be prepared to prove your identification. You will also be responsible for any security check fees charged by the security company (ca. 25 – 75 EUR). Note, that one must always exit the campus before 9 pm.

It is forbidden to bring phone, papers of other belongings to the EXAM-room. This also applies to snacks and water bottles. Jackets and other belongings can be left in the lockers outside the exam room. It is allowed to take the locker key to the exam room. Work silently in the exam room! There is no speaking allowed in the room. Exiting the exam room during the exam is not allowed. Take your personal photo ID card with you and place it the photo side of the card facing up on the designated area on the table!

EXAM – the electronis examination system in the summer:

EXAM room (Tikkarinne Campus, E-building) is open all summer round.In June and August:

EXAM room is open 8 – 20 (Mon – Fri).

The main entrance door of Tikkarinne Campus, E-building is open in June 8 – 16 and in August 10 – 16 (1.8. – 12.8.) and 7 – 16 (13.8. -)

If your electronic exam starts during a time when the campus doors are closed, request an access badge in time from the info desk of Tikkarinne Campus!

In July:

Exam room is open 11 – 17 (Mon – Fri).

The main entrance door of Tikkarinne Campus, E-building is open 11 – 16. You don’t need an access badge in July.

Student’s EXAM process

  1. Schedule the time for taking your exam and ensure that the exam can be taken in EXAM.
  2. Study the terms and rules of the electronic exam system and be prepared to act accordingly.
  3. Reserve the exam time and room at the EXAM-system. If you cannot take the exam at the reserved time, please remember to cancel your reservation at the system.
  4. Enter the exam room to take the exam during the booked examination time. Read the room-specific instructions and instructions for problem situations. Remember the video and audio surveillance in the EXAM-room.
  5. Take the exam, remember to save possible attachments and submit your exam. Turn the computer off.
  6. After the teacher has given feedback on the exam, the Exam system will send the results and the feedback to the student’s email address. The teacher will enter the final grade to the study register.

STUDENT, take a training exam!

You can register to a rehearsal exam and take it during a time you choose.

  1. Log in to the EXAM-service with your Karelia UAS username and password.
  2. Select Exams and search for ”Training EXAM”.
  3. Select “Register for the exam” and book a vacant and suitable exam time for yourself.
  4. Select “Confirm exam time”.



Student’s instructions:

  • Registration and booking in EXAM
  • Editing the reservation or cancelling the registration in EXAM
  • Taking the exam in the EXAM-room
  • Receiving EXAM feedback
  • Possible problems and solutions in EXAM
  • FAQ by Students
  • Karelia-EXAM Terms of Use

Report problems This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration and booking in EXAM

NB! Please note that not all of the exams are available as electronic exams.

Personal exam If a personal exam has been created for you (such as a maturity test), you are notified via email and the information will be available on your EXAM dashboard.

  1. Log in to the EXAM service with your Karelia UAS username and password. (https://exam.karelia.fi)
  2. When you are using EXAM for the first time, you must accept the Terms of Use.
  3. Search the exam you want to register for by choosing ”Exams” on the left.
  4. You can search exams by course code, exam name or by examiner name.
  5. Register for the exam by clicking the “Register for the exam” ‐button.
  6. Book a vacant exam time and the exam room. If you are unable to attend the exam, remember to cancel or reschedule your reservation by choosing either ”Reschedule exam” or “Remove the booking” in the booking calendar of the respective exam.

Editing the reservation or cancelling the registration in EXAM

Editing the exam reservation

  1. Select the three dots (…) and ”Edit reservation” from the upper right corner of your enrolment.
  2. Choose a new, suitable time for yourself and confirm your reservation.

Removing the exam booking

  1. Select the three dots (…) and ”Remove the booking” from the upper right corner of your enrolment.
  2. Confirm with “Yes” button.

Cancellation of exam registration

If you have removed the booking and not reserved a new one, your exam registration is still visible in the Exam system. You can cancel your registration as follows:

  1. Select the three dots (…) and ”Cancel the registration” from the upper right corner of your enrolment.
  2. Confirm with “Yes” button.

Taking the exam in the EXAM-room

Leave your belongings outside in the lockers, as you are not allowed to bring anything else except your personal identification card and the locker key with you. All the necessary equipment to take the exam are available in the EXAM-room.

You are not allowed to leave the exam room before completing the exam.

You can complete your exam only on the computer you were assigned when you made your reservation. Make sure you know the correct computer name/number before entering the room. You can check the information from your confirmation email or from your dashboard in EXAM before arriving.

Logging in and taking the exam 1. Log in to the right computer by using password kareliaexam. 2. Open Firefox browser. 3. Log in to the EXAM-system with your personal username and password.

Information view

After logging in you will see an information view:

  1. a) If you are on the wrong computer, the program will tell you which computer to use. Log out and find the right computer. Log in to the right computer and EXAM as instructed above. b) If you see a notice that the next exam is starting, you have arrived a bit early. Wait patiently, as your exam will start automatically when the booked time starts. c) When you are on the right computer and log in after the exam time has started, you will see the starting view of the exam and the exam starts right away.
  2. Once the exam starts, you will see the instructions for your exam on the first page. If there are no instructions, you will see the first question page. NB! The exam may be divided into several pages according to how many sections of questions there are.
  3. Move to the first section of questions by selecting the green button. You will see the amount of sections in the right corner. Save your answer and move to the next question.
  4. Move onwards to the next sections of questions.
  • You will see the remaining time for your exam on the top of the view.
  • You can move between the questions in the menu on the right by clicking the questions.
  • The system autosaves your answers one minute intervals. NB. The system does not autosave any possible attachments made in other programmes so you must save them yourself and attach them to your exam.
  • Avoid closing the browser during the exam.
  1. When you are ready, be sure to attach any attachments before you finish, as after submitting the exam (either automatically or yourself) you cannot attach them.
  2. Click on the Save and Submit button. Confirm by clicking Yes.

You will be logged out automatically. Close the Firefox browser and log out of the workstation as instructed by your university of applied sciences.


Receiving EXAM feedback

After the teacher has given feedback on the exam, the exam system will send the results and the feedback to the student’s email address.

  1. Log in to EXAM system (https://exam.karelia.fi) with your own credentials.
  2. Select Study attainments on the right and see all the taken exams.
  3. Assessed exam (grade and/or feedback) shows a link for Show feedback.

In the first picture, the exam is assessed with a grade.

The latter exam has not been assessed in the Exam-system.

Possible problems and solutions in EXAM

NB! There is no technical assistance during an exam.

If the screen is blank or shut down, the computer is in sleep mode or switched off:

  1. move the mouse
  2. turn the screen on
  3. turn the computer on

If the browser crashes or you close it accidentally, reopen the EXAM browser, and your exam will continue normally.

If the computer or an application crashes, wait for restart or restart the computer yourself. Reopen EXAM browser and log in. Your exam will most probably continue.


If your exam is interrupted or obstructed because of a technical problem, interruption in the exam area or other reason: log out of the computer, leave the room and report the interruption via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) immediately. Your email must include the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • Student number
  • Student’s email address
  • Number of the exam computer
  • Name of the interrupted exam
  • Date and time of the interrupted exam
  • Time of the interruption
  • Description of the interruption or problem

There is no technical support at the university of applied sciences during your exam. Remember, that you are always taking an electronic exam on your own responsibility. Therefore, it is essential that you read the instructions and take the Training exam!


Problem: Browser crashes OR you accidentally close the browser. Solution: Restart Exam and log in. The exam continues.

Problem: Technical problems (computer restarts in the middle of the exam). Solution: Wait until the restart has completed. Log in to Exam. The exam may continue. If it does not, leave the room and notify of the problem as instructed.

Problem: Fire alarm or some other alarm in the exam room. Solution: Leave the room immediately. Notify of the problem as instructed.

Problem: Another participant disturbs. Solution: Quit or continue the exam. In both cases notify of the problem as instructed.

Problem: Power or telecommunications cut. Solution: Leave the room. Notify of the problem as instructed.

Problem: Fit, seizure or some other urgent need to leave the room. Solution: Quit the exam and log out of the computer. Notify of the problem as instructed.

Problem: Fit or seizure of another participant or another sudden situation. Solution: Help! Quit or continue with the exam. In both of the cases notify of the problem as instructed.

Problem: Suspicion of a misconduct. Solution: Finish your own exam. Notify of your suspicions after your exam as instructed.

FAQ by Students

Why can’t I find an exam for a course I am taking?
Ask your teacher whether the exam can be taken electronically in the EXAM system.

Is a Moodle exam the same as an exam in the Exam system?
No. Moodle exam is taken in Moodle.

Can I take the exam at any time I want?
The teacher has defined a certain period for the exam. You can take the exam during that period once you have booked an exam computer for yourself. The opening hours of the room are available in the booking system.

Can I take the exam on any computer I want?
No, you cannot. You can only take the exam on a computer that has been reserved for you when you booked the exam time.

How soon can I see the exam results?
After three weeks, at the latest. *) However, teachers’ holidays are not included in this time.

Can I take an electronic exam in another university or university of applied sciences?
Not yet, but next autumn this should be possible.