Courses for Exchange Students


Unfortunately, due to uncertainties and health risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Karelia has decided to cancel incoming and outgoing student exchanges in Autumn semester 2020. All the applied students and their coordinators will be contacted asap. Possibilities to offer courses online are explored and information will be sent to the applicants and partner institutions in June.

Statement by Karelia's President Dr Raivo 


List of courses suitable for exchange students

Select courses worth minimum 20 credits per semester. Please note that changes are possible.


Bachelor's Degree Programmes in International Business and Industrial Management (new, starts August 2020) are instructed completely in English. In addition, most of the other Bachelor's Degree Programmes at Karelia offer courses and sometimes projects or practical training possibilities for exchange students. There is also a selection of joint and transdisciplinary courses, suitable for all exchange students.

Please note that possibilities for supervised projects and practical training are limited and not guaranteed to all interested applicants.

Most degree programmes can accept only exchange students who are enrolled in a similar major in their own university.

The departmental international coordinators can be contacted in questions related to studies, projects and practical training.


Academic Calendar 2020 - 2021
  • Autumn semester 20.8. - 18.12.2020  (Week 42; autumn holiday, usually no contact lessons)
    Orientation days for incoming exchange students (mandatory): 20.- 21.8.2020
  • Spring semester  7.1. - 30.5.2021   (Week 10; winter holiday, usually no contact lessons)


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English-taught courses in Spring Semester 2020

Joint and multidiscliplinary studies

These studies are suitable for all students regardless of your education field.

LTP7130 Orientation to the Finnish Language and culture (2 ECTS) (offered in the beginning of the semester, time will be confirmed)

KEP7061 Intercultural communication competence, 5 ECTS (UEF)
KEP7062 Components of cultural multiplicity, 5 ECTS (UEF)
KEP7063 Ethics in intercultural interaction
, 5 ECTS (UEF)
KEP7064 Multicultural project, 5 ECTS (Karelia UAS, UEF) *min. 20 students in order to be implemented

Brand Management (online course, 3 ECTS)

Orientation to Innovation - Epic Challenge Joensuu (5 ECTS) Same implementation in the autumn and spring semester.

Sustainable Bioeconomy and Business Semester (30 ECTS)  (The courses will end by 30 April)


International Business (updated 31.10.2019). Please see also courses of the Sustainable Bioeconomy and Business Semester!



Tourism studies  Updated 18.9.2019.

Courses in English only in spring semester. Please see also courses of the Sustainable Bioeconomy and Business Semester!


Engineering Updated 18.9.2019

Spring Semester 2020: Courses in English only in Energy and Environmental Engineering: Sustainable Bioeconomy and Business Semester.

Forestry (Taiga Forestry Module in English is available in Autumn Semester only)


Social Services (updated 18.9.2019)

Nursing (updated 18.9.2019)  

Physiotherapy    (updated 18.9.2019) 


Media studies (updated 18.9.2019). Studies in English are available mainly in autumn semester. More information from the Departmental International Coordinator martha.balerina[at]