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Questions and feedback

We will respond to all the feedback given with contact information in person. It is also possible to give us feedback anonymously. Feedback will be treated confidentially. Answers to frequently asked questions and feedback will be published in this column (without sender information).

Use feedback form or email (library(at), to send us feedback or questions.

What is the self-service library?

The self-service library is open from Mon to Fri 7-20, even when the service desk is closed and there is no library staff present at the library. You can use self-service to borrow and loan books. Cameras are monitoring the library.

During the self-service hours of the library, you can:

  • borrow and return material
  • pick up reservations
  • use the computers
  • read books, magazines and newspapers
  • work at the library.

Make sure that you have a library card and your borrowing rights are ok, if you want to borrow books etc. from library's collections during self-service hours.

Notice: Library's doors are open Mon-Fri 8-20 but building E's main door closes at 17.00 (on Mondays 18.00). After that, you must have a pass to enter the building. The pass costs 30 euro and you can purchase it from Tikkarinne Campus' janitor. Only Karelia UAS students can have the pass. You have to prove yourself to be a Karelia UAS student (for example with a valid student card).

Can I return books when the library is closed?

You can use library’s automated book return machine even when the library is closed. It is located on the right from Tikkarinne Campus’ main entrance, along the downhill walkway (map).

Why can't I renew my loans?

It is not possible to renew your loans, if the items have been requested by another customer.

You can renew your loans max. 20 times.

Every day, at 22-23 the library database is not available because of backups.

If renewal fails repeatedly, you might want to clear your browser cookies, browsing history, etc., and then try again.

How do I make a reservation?

You can make reservations via Finna or at the library. Reservations are free of charge. Only the material on loan can be reserved. If items are available at the library, please ask library staff to make a reservation (by e-mail / phone / chat).

Available notices are sent by email. After receiving the notice, you can pick up your reservations from the self-service shelf nearby service desk.

If you do not want to use the self-service pick up for some reason, please inform the library staff.

My account will expire. What should I do?

Contact the library to keep your account valid. The validity of the account is approximately 5 years at a time. We will send you an email reminder in advance, and ask you to contact the library if you want to keep your account valid. At the same time, we will check your contact information. You can contact us by email, by phone, by chat or you can visit the library.

Karelia UAS Library is open for everyone and it is not necessary to study at Karelia UAS to use the library.